The statue MARIA omnia plena (full of everything) is clothed with a mesh surface that makes her transvisual containing everything around her.
At the same time, with the mutations made possible by the mesh, depending on points of view and light, the whole contains her.

Conceived to be touched with the eyes and not seen with the hands, the dimensions of this sculpture range from 8,66 in (22 cm)  up to 10 ft (3 m) and more, upon request.

from July 23 to August 30, 2023

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Reproducing the MARIA Icon with a mesh surface and 3D printing it not only makes it trans visual, hence Omnia Plena, but also ascending, hence MARIA Ascendit.

Made of white polyamide with additive 3D printing, the 9,9 ft enlargement weighs 71 lbs and allows a noninvasive midair suspension with transparent nylon cables.

Applying 3D printing and a sophisticated engineering to assemble the parts that make up the enlargements was the most challenging legacy. The effect of a hologram is well-known and frequently employed, but with MARIA Ascendit it materializes into a physical body that can have a dialogue with the surrounding light and everything around it.

Even with sculpture we can, now, touch with our eyes the Ascension of MARY.

Imagine MARIA Ascendit in …