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The Statue of MARIA is a multifaceted Icon,
shapedthe eyes closed, to be held by hands that see it.

It is unlimitedly reproduced, carved in
woods, marbles, cast in resin or printed in 3D.

The sculpture can be enlarged to any height
or reduced to disappear within the hand
or become wearable.

Multifaceted Icon MARIA
after Guido Dettoni della Grazia

The artist, plunging with his eyes closed into the well of his memory and devotion, created this statue. Looking then at the sculpture from different points of view, he recognizes the visions that, held back by his memory, had taken shape without any conscious intention, except that of discovering Mary as he shaped her: the annunciation, in Nazareth, carrying the pitcher to the well, the pregnancy, with the Child on her lap, the ascension, and the peace.
MARIA thus unexpectedly becomes a multifaceted Icon that shows us these moments of her life that are also the moments of everyone’s life.

MARIA ‘s reproductions

The original handheld statue -5,5 in high-
can be enlarged to any height,
reduced to disappear within the hand,
or become wearable,
in unlimited copies or in special editions.

The most recent versions, 2023, of MARIA are named OMNIA PLENA (full of everything) and MARIA ASCENDIT. Both are clothed with a mesh surface that makes her transvisual, containing everything around her.

Available at

MARIA dresses

MARIA is carved in woods and marbles
from all over the world, cast in resin or printed in 3D.


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