The Statue of MARIA is a multifaceted Icon,
shaped to be held by hands that see it.

It is unlimitedly reproduced, carved in
woods, marbles or cast in resin.

The sculpture can be enlarged to any height
or reduced to disappear within the hand
or become wearable.

Multifaceted Icon MARIA
after Guido Dettoni della Grazia

The Statue MARIA is an Icon shaped to be held within hands which see it, and it becomes a multifaceted Icon when, by looking at the statue from different points of view, moments of Mery’s life as well as moments of every person’s life.

MARIA ‘s reproductions

The original handheld statue -5,5 in high- can be enlarged to any height, reduced to disappear within the hand, or become wearable, in unlimited copies or in special editions.

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MARIA dresses

MARIA is carved in woods and marbles
from all over the world or cast in resin.