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Matter and life

At the beginning there was matter and life glided over it.
Matter and Life, without mediation, never met up; matter slid away from hands and Life from existence.
The Word appeared and became communication and matter meeting up with Life was touched by hands and became image. Whilst the hands touched it, the image became clearer and clearer and more spiritual.
Then, the image managed to express itself through gestures of admiration and praise, through smiles of blessings, through a glance which threw light on the mystery of Life, through its lips which whispered a name: Mary, giver of Life.
And the image became life grown from a garden full of trees heavy with fruits, pleasant to look upon and juicy. All those who knew the image could taste the fruit and caress its contours. A garden without commandments or taboos. The tree of knowledge could at last be touched.
And Life was now in human hands after having picked the fruit of the garden and having turned the soil during many hours of contemplation and silence.
A face was reflected in the fruit – that very face that I, you, each one of us have formed – Smiling like Mary, blessed like Mary and transparent with the mystery like Mary.

Miquel Ambròs i Albertí
Theologist and expert in oriental sciences
Mallorca, December 1999