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MARIA is a  statue
shaped by Guido Dettoni della Grazia.
The original sculpture is made to the size of the hands,
it is reproduced in different materials
-enlarged or reduced-
in unlimited copies or in special editions.

MARIA is a multifaceted Icon
that represents Mary, the mother of Jesus of the Gospel,
but also it evokes Maryam of the Sura 19 of the Koran,
Shakti of the Hinduism, Kuan-yin of the Chinese tradition,
and the image of the femininity of many cultures of the world.

Guido Dettoni della Grazia, created this sculpture MARIA in 1995.

The Statue MARIA is an Icon
shaped to be held within hands that see it,
and it becomes a multifaceted Icon when we see
moments of MARIA’s life
by looking at the statue
from different points of view.

The original 5,5 in high handheld statue
can be enlarged to any height,
reduced to disappear within the hand
or become wearable.

The versions OMNIA PLENA  and MARIA ASCENDIT are clothed with a mesh surface becoming transvisual and containing everything around them.

Since 1998, the sculpture MARIA has been installed
in Cathedrals, Churches, Universities,
and Art Centers throughout Europe and Asia.

Since 2002, the Alpha-Omega MARIA exhibition
is held at the church of Santa Maria delle Rose in Assisi.

This Icon MARIA has inspired other authors like theologists, writers, poets, musicians, performers, photographers and video makers.

Since 1998, this Icon MARIA has been reaching
hundreds of thousands of hands all over the world.