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Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana

12.10 – 17.11.1999


It was inaugurated by the rector of the University, F. Franco Imoda s.j who awarded the artist with the merit badge of the Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana of Rome.

The doyen of History of the Chuch, J. M. Benitez s.j., wrote an exhaustive introduction that, years later, in 2020 became part of his book “Catalan presences in Rome” Yes the artist is Italian but his connection with Catalonia is such that the writer feels he is Catalan. LINK

During this exhibition, Guido Dettoni della Grazia became aware of Mary being also an intermediary, thus disappearing once the aim of the intermediation had been achieved. He remembered when She, at the Cana’s wedding, told Jesus that the guests were left without wine. Jesus understood his mother intermediation and transformed water into wine…then, Mary disappeared from the wedding.

So, Guido asked himself: how can I make the statue of Mary disappear? The answer came immediately: by reducing the original 5,5 inches high until it disappears within the hand. This was the beginning of the reproductions of the statues 3 inches high.