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Cathedral of San Rufino

May 30, 2003




May 30, 2003 (9 p.m., free admission)

‘Premiere’ of the CONCERT FOR MARY

composed by Fr. Giuseppe Magrino OFMC for the opera MARIA by Guido Dettoni della Grazia.

The “Concert for Mary” was preceded by the “Symphony of Our Days” by the same author.

Orchestra “I Solisti di Perugia” / Soprano “Suor Graciela M. De los Angeles” conducted by Fr. Giuseppe Magrino.

Host: San Rufino Cathedral Chapter / Coordination: NESHER Cultural Association – Rome

Shape, tangible in time, and music, which is time, come together.

The music, with Fr. Giuseppe Magrino’s “Symphony of Our Days,” gives voice to the current uncertainties and ambiguities that lead to the snare drum of war and darkness.

The shape, that of Guido Dettoni della Grazia’s image of Mary, is the whole encounter with Her, the Mother, who fills the void between our hands: the emptiness of our days.

The encounter with Mary, Queen of Peace, finds its voice in the “Concert for Mary” and leads us to the light.

In the Cathedral of Assisi, we will render service to the choice of peace in everything.

Mary and her music become a symbol of this choice.

For the first time, the white enlargement of the Icon, made of carbon fiber, is suspended in midair above the high altar.