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MARIA inspires…


The hands contain the Virgin
Miquel Ambròs i Albertí.
BRISAS – Ultima Hora y Baleares Magazine, No. 428,
July 2, 1995

Multifaceted Icon MARIA
Miquel Ambròs i Albertí,
Theologist and expert in oriental sciences.
Palma di Maiorca 1995


Pia Almoina – Barcelona, 1998
Good Morning, little Madonna
Josep M. Martí Bonet
Canon of the Cathedral, Director of the
Diocesan Museum of Barcelona

L’albergueria – Vic, 1999
Prayer from the heart to the hand
Father Josep Esteve
Cultural Counsellor of the Vic Episcopate

Refectori dels Canonges – Tarragona Cathedral, 1999
Josep Marti Aixalà
Canon of the Cathedral of Tarragona, Secretary of the
Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology of Rome.

Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana – Roma, 1999
Josep M. Benítez S.J.
Dean of History of the Church
at the Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana.

Santa Maria delle Rose – Assisi, 2000
Sergio Goretti
Bishopo of Assisi, of Nocera Umbra and Gualdo Tadino.

Duomo Cattedrale – Verona, 2000
Mons. Antonio Finardi
Dean of the Verona’s Cathedral

San Juan de los Panetes – Zaragoza, 2000
P. Luis Cuartero Lapieza
Diocesan Delegate for the year 2000 Jubilee

Iglesia de Sant Antoniet – Palma de Mallorca, 2001
Teodor Ubeda
Bishop of Majorca

Alte Nikolaikirche – Frankfurt am Main, 2001
Andrea Braunberger-Myers
Pastor Ev. luth. St. Paulsgemeinde​
Alte Nikolaikirche

Santa Maria delle Rose, permanent – Assisi​, 2002
Vittorio Peri
Prior of the Chapter of Saint Rufino’s Cathedral

San Martín Pinario – Santiago de Compostela, 2002
Julián Barrio Barrio​
Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela​


Mother of God after Guido Dettoni
Carles Duarte i Montserrat,

Matter and life
Miquel Ambròs i Albertí,
Theologist and expert in oriental sciences.
Mallorca, December 1999

Miquel Ambròs i Albertí,
Theologist and expert in oriental sciences.

Words inspired and written within
Alpha and Omega of the Maria at Assisi

Fr. Peter S. Midwood,
Rector of Romaldkirk and Area Dean of Richmond.
Assisi, 2003

JoAnna Pepe,
September 30, 2004

La Verge de Dettoni
Francesc de P. Martí,
Parishioner of Sagrada Família.
Barcelona, 2005

Momenti di Maria
Rosanna Bertacchi Monti
Poet and writer
Assisi, 2019


About the MARIA Exhibition
Umberto Pittinicchio
Painter and sculptor
Verona, 2000

MARIA in Palma of Majorca
Pilar Ribal Simó
Art critic
Palma of Majorca, 2000

Miscellaneous publications about the work of art MARIA, the multifaceted Icon by Guido Dettoni della Grazia


María, la Presencia Luminosa
Juan Carlos García
Assisi, 2007

Black Maria
John-Paul Desmond
Singapore, 2018

Concerto per Maria
Giuseppe Magrino, ofm
Composer and former Director of the
Cappella Musicale San Francesco di Assisi
Performed at the San Rufino’s Cathedral 30.05.2003, and at the Lower Basilica of Saint Francis 27.11.2004, both in Assisi.

Two Chants
Silvia Orciari
Jan 5, 2023, Live, at the MARIA exhibition in Assisi
Song of Songs in Hebrew
Pater Noster in Aramaic.

MARIA hands music
Eugeni Muriel
Composition for the sequence of the images of the moments of the MARIA Icons creation.